Record Watch: Jay Daniel – Scorpio Rising EP SS051

Detroit means different things to different people. For me it’s always been a soulfulness and a groove resting on crackly, dusty analogue percussion. Jay Daniel’s debut release on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label does exactly that.

From what we understand, Jay Daniel works closely with Kyle Hall and has a release due to come out by the end of the year on Wild Oats. This EP has that lo-fi sound that Kyle Hall has made his own all over it, particularly in the percussion. A2, Brainz, is a straight laced drum track that can hold its own alongside Theo Parrish’s Any Other Styles, also on Sound Signature. The influence of other Detroit artists is evident then over the course of the EP. But Jay Daniel is not just another Detroit DJ imitating those who came before him. His style is distinctive. A1, No Love Lost, matches up a melody alongside a beat which keeps your feet firmly rooted to the dancefloor. This melody makes the track: it would work just as well in a Deep House setting as it does in its Detroit placement. The tracks just so easy to get lost in.

On the B side there’s Bubble Cougar and I Have No Name. This side continues in a similar vein to the A side, machine made house which commands you to dance. Jay’s a pretty decent DJ as well as you can see from his Boiler Room from last year.

The future certainly looks bright for Jay Daniel. Pick up this record from pretty much anywhere if you know what’s good. I’m sure it’ll be doing the dancefloor rounds for the next few months. And keep an eye on Wild Oats for his next release.


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