Here’s Hoping For A Repress 02

This time we’ve got tracks from Peven Everett, Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads and Paranoid London. For an introduction to this feature, take a look at the first edition. You’ll notice that a few of these tracks aren’t that unreasonably priced. But why pay 25 quid for a used record when you can pay about a tenner for it if it gets a repress? Again, none of these records are limited, but they’re sold out everywhere and gotten a bit of recognition, and so discogs inflation sets in.

Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1 feat. Paris Brightledge (Paranoid London Records – PDON 004)

Discogs Asking Price – £25.39 – £67.70

That’s the A side. The B side has a dub (which I prefer to the vocal version) and a track taken from a live set at Warehouse Project in 2008. It’s a rough n’ ready hardware acid creation with bass force and a nice kick drum. This is one of those records that will command a dancefloor to dance to your beat. What I really appreciate about this track is the contrast between the acid bassline and Brightledge’s soulful vocals, which fit together perfectly.

Peven Everett – Feelin’ You In And Out (Symple Soul – SYL 005)

Discogs Asking Price – £169.17

Peven Everett does it again. The guy’s vocals have featured on so many classic house tracks, and he always sounds great. He’s got a real unique, soulful sound. This track is probably my favourite of them all, but I’d also recommend you listen to Put Your Back Into It and of course, Gabriel. What really pisses me off about this discogs asking price is that the record only came out in 2007. I guess it is rare, this is the only copy I’ve found for sale, but this record has increased in value by nearly 17-fold. The Shelter Mix is the one I’d play the most, but Take Away My Sunshine is a nice track for lazy Sunday afternoons.

Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Soap Records – SOAP 011)

Discogs Asking Price – £23.70 – £71.94

This particular version of the famous track is the one that I enjoy the most. The Salt City Orchestra Remix is a perfect track to play towards the beginning of a set with its slow build up and suspended synths. The famous vocals about a guy having his first mushroom trip are kept intact, with the synths allowed to rise to the fore above a bassline groove. A definite improvement on the original. The B side has a Noosa Heads remake on it, which is more of a peak time roller. The two remixes on this version stay true to the spirit of the original, but take it a little deeper. Its seen so many remixes over the years, but the Salt City Orchestra one gets the nod from me.


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