Here’s Hoping For A Repress 03

When we started this feature, we had no idea how many records in real need of a repress we would end up coming across. For the third edition, there’s releases from Kassem Mosse, Marco Shuttle and M.ono.

Marco Shuttle – The Vox Attitude (Färden Records – VIDD 1)

Discogs Asking Price: £36.81 – £50.58

That’s the A side. You may have seen a Pangaea remix that came out on Marco’s own Eerie imprint quite recently. That version works well, we’ve always been a fan of Pangaea’s productions, but it cannot match the devastating simplicity of the original. The vocal hook is approached hesitantly, with only a tiny segment used throughout the track’s 11 minutes. It is fleshed out alongside the beat and the bassline with the resulting effect that over the track’s runtime, no two moments are the same and the feeling that the track is moving and breathing is never lost. Mesmerising stuff from the Italian: deep, minimal and guaranteed to get a reaction.

On the B side is Spaziale. This side is in the same vein as the A side: it’s a roller that develops more elements as it goes on through its 12 minutes.

Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 (Workshop – WORKSHOP 12)

Discogs Asking Price: £34.83 – £75.87

This is Kassem Mosse at his best: making tracks that are constantly building, developing and shifting. It’s been charted by the usual suspects: Cosmin TRG and the like, but has also received support from DJs you wouldn’t normally expect to play a bit of Kassem, appearing on Ben UFO’s Rinse 16 CD.

Similarly to the Marco Shuttle track above, the lead on this release, the untitled A1, is built around a vocal sample, with 14 minutes teased out of it. Kassem manages this through building up the beat with plenty of snare around the vocal, which is on a loop for pretty much the entire track, before bringing in a bassline with a delicious groove to it. Amazing stuff.

The B side is not too shabby either. B1 sees languishing synths and bass notes propped up by a driving beat that would happily fit into an early set, and B2 is a bit more frantic with more of a glitchy and mechanical beat that would be a good choice in the mix if you were looking for a transition track.

Probably one of the strongest Workshops, and that’s saying a lot.

M.ono – Easydance EP (Rose Records – ROSE04)

Discogs Asking Price: £67.49 – £84.30

Lush deep house from the man from Leipzig. 4 cuts of textured melodies that work on your mind, while the beat takes care of your feet. You might have heard Holding Back California in sets by the likes of Move D and Moomin. This one is the strongest on the EP, but the other 3 are also worth your time, particularly B2, Hypnotize, which strikes that balance between rolling drums and floaty synths perfectly. Kithara does the same, making use of bongo samples, giving the track an organic feel. A melodic, danceable and above all, deep release from M.ono and Rose Records.


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