Hoping For A Repress 04

It’s all about the classics this time, 3 releases that most people will probably recognise and if you don’t you’ll definitely be happy you read on. Really essential records here that we’d love to see available once again.

Rudoulpho – Sunday Afternoon (Atlantic 7567 85881-0)

Discogs Asking Price: £28.34 – £833.69

Yes, you read that right. Someone wants a 1,000 euro for a piece of wax from 1992. That said, this is a great release on both sides. 2 slices of Chicago House, and that’s the real Chicago house – a jacking, dancefloor friendly beat infused with that feeling of soul and free spirited improvisation.

On the A side, Sunday Afternoon:

It’s the kind of sound I’ve been getting into more and more of recently: jazzy motifs and slippery hi-hats. Over the track’s 10 minutes, things are kept moving forward and kept interesting by the improvisation on the trumpet part and by the little additions to the beat, like that rattlesnake sound and the two low notes every so often. These kind of touches, I always think, are barely noticeable but you could tell if they weren’t there. The synthesizer and the trumpet work together really well, coming together to make a house track that sounds loose and different every time you hear it. This one always transports me to a warm place when I hear it.

On the B side, there’s Touch Me:

The B side is vocal driven, but has a similar sort of vibe to the A side, with almost identical background synths at work. The trumpet is dropped on this one, with the “Touch Me” vocals stepping in to the void they leave behind. The beat is a bit less slippery and a bit firmer. This would be a great one to play in a set that you wanted to take the sting out of, that you wanted to bring some space into.

Schatrax – #6 (Schatrax – SCHAT06)

Discogs Asking Price – £39.99 – £79.99

Truth be told, I’ve only heard the A side of this but it really is good enough that I would buy it blind about the B side.

A1, Restless Nights is an absolute weapon.

Starting off with a pulsating rhythm, the raw bassline comes in moments later, before those high pitched sounds are added to finish off the vibe. Such an effective track, I’ve seen it destroy dancefloors before. A real bassline driven track, its effectiveness lies in its moments of subtlety. It’s somehow restrained, doesn’t peak too soon and is perfectly balanced. Rounding off the A side is Sunshine. Compared to the basement vibes of Restless Nights, Sunshine is an unabashedly happy sort of tune.

On the B side it looks like there’s a dub of Restless Nights, a more stripped back version which sounds like it could be very interesting.

Laid – Punch Up (Symple Sound SYD001)

Discogs Asking Price – £41.68 – £125.05

This record has two remixes of Laid’s Punch Up. On the A side is Frankie Feliciano’s edit, and on the B side a Scott Wozniak vocal mix.

The Frankie Feliciano mix encapsulates what deep house should be about, for me at least. A bassline hook is looped, with the “Punch Up” vocal coming in every few bars. That vocal then comes in, preaching to the dancefloor: “People, move your feet, move your feet across the dancefloor.”  The Scott Wozniak mix from what I can find seems to be quite similar to the FF edit, but makes less use of those soft synth pads in the background.


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