Record Watch: Selected: Compiled by Fred P


Fred P’s putting out an eight track release spread over 4 plates this month. As the release’s title would suggest, it’s a compilation with a focus on maintaining a consistent vibe over the course of 4 sides of vinyl. Fred P combines releases by some more familiar names with some by relative unknowns. It’s been difficult to find any substantial soundclips of the release but from what we’ve heard of the eight tracks, they’re every bit as deep, as restrained and as soulful as you’d expect, and the drums sound great on every track.

There’s builders, creepers, high point of the night tracks, early set vibes and everything else in between. Listen below.

Starting with a DeepJust AQuaBeaT cut that’s got really rich sounding percussive elements and deep synths that crescendo in and out, the A side finishes with Bassik Grooove’s Synthetic Ocean, which uses a similar sort of droney melody to A1, but fits it on top of a more funky, tribal rhythm.

The B side kicks off with Bobby O’Donnell’s The Shards of Our Childhood. This one’s got quite a fast beat, although it’s a background element, with arpeggiated synths ringing out in the foreground. This is a nice track, one that I’d probably play early on in a set, if the tempo was already quite high. B2 is a real, real nice track. Ryo Murakami is responsible for it. You might have heard some of his releases on Panrecords in the past, and Midnight Sun has a similar vibe: deep, bassy and hesitant. Great stuff.

C1 is perhaps the biggest “tune” on this release. Lapien’s My Obsession has all the required elements: a killer vocal, the slightest hint of acid and synths that fit perfectly around the beat. So it’s great to see it pulled off perfectly. Expect to hear more of this one as the year goes on. C2 is by We Are MAM. It’s a synth driven track but it seems to work pretty well. There’s a little vocal snippet to it hidden somewhere among the layers of the beats.

Last is the D side, which contains a slice from Orion 70 and one from Fred P himself. These 2 are the most peak time of the 8, I would say. The Orion 70 track is pure hands in the air vibes, with the beat dropping out for a bit before coming back in – but not sounding in the least bit cliched – and the Fred P is a dub of an old jazz track with real live sounding percussion and lovely piano chords in the background kept aloft by a sprightly beat.

We highly recommend this one. 8 masterful tracks, ranging in vibe from the early hours to the late hours. One of those that would always have a place in the record bag, because there’d always be at least one track that you could play from it.

Fred P has really succeeded in building and maintaining a vibe across this release, which is great news if you enjoy his sound as much as we do. It’s a great inaugural release for his new Boards label, let’s hope there’s plenty more like it to come.


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