Hoping For A Repress 05

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, perhaps because there’s been loads of tasty represses since the new year, from Kerri Chandler to Chez Damier, Ron Trent and Mood II Swing, to name but a few. There’s always more records that we’d love to get hold of though and so we’re back to our repress requests.

Ark & Dolibox – Be My Baby (Karat Records – KARAT 40)

Discogs Asking Price: None Available

This is a great record – collaboration of the highest order from Ark & Dolibox and probably my favourite release that either of them have put out. There was a copy on sale for £20 towards the end of last year but it’s gone now – presumably the seller realised this one’s just too good to let go. Okay yes – it’s on Beatport, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.

That’s on the A side. I love the way it develops from this stop start beginning into more of a roller while keeping that glitchy feel throughout. The vocals are manipulated to perfection and for most of the track there’s just that one chord breaking them up. This one sets up for the B side very nicely, hinting at a deepness that is just on the other side, but taking on more of a dancefloor filling complexion than you’d normally associate with deep house.

On the B side you get Deep At All. This one for me is a perfect blueprint for deep music – slow development, lovely detail and all kept interesting over the track’s 10 minutes +, allowing you to drift off while being kept firmly tied to the dancefloor.

The track amalgamates all sorts of disparate vocals into its patchwork and slots them beside a deep, almost dubby bassline where they sit comfortably alongside a hesitant beat, melancholic acoustic guitar, jazzy piano and the occasional string crescendo and saxophone blast. The result is that it sounds both organic and electronic with that high note every few bars keeping everything in place.

Omniverse – Venere/ Antares (Antima Records – ANT 004)

Discogs Asking Price – £16.40 – £164.16

Classic release. It sounds just as good today as (I imagine) it did in 1991.

Across both tracks jacking beats, chord stabs, bits of female American vocals and soft melodies in the background combine to create two tracks that make you think of 90s era house music. They don’t sound clichéd, tired or imitated, they just sound great. This Omniverse release has endured for over 20 years because it came before there was a formula for house music. These are the sorts of tracks that had a big part to play in shaping perceptions of how house music should sound and has been imitated countless times with never the same result.

Vinalog – Relative 002 (Relative – RTV-002)

Discogs Asking Price – £28.72 – £41.03

A great release you might recognise played by all the big names in big room techno. That doesn’t take away from it at all though – it’s everything big room techno should be: a wall of low end, a pumping beat and an eerie vibe on top of it all. None of the tracks are too fast, so you can even bring them in to a slower set than you’d usually associate for playing techno bangers. These would cut right through most of the records in my collection in a blend.

The A side boasts Military Field and The “Do” Trip. Both are guaranteed to get a reaction, especially Military Field with its frantic looped vocals. The “Do” Trip is more melodic and haunting. Just a great slab of wax to have. The B side I’ve not heard as much of, but the record is worth getting for the fantastic A side alone.


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