Label Features

Workshop has for a while been one of our favourite labels. Whatever and whoever they’re putting out, you can rest assured that there won’t be anything else like it. From analogue jam sessions courtesy of Move D, Juju & Jordash to reverb heavy, rain drenched atmospheric soundscapes by Marcellis, through melodies transformed by Lowtec’s broken beats, it’s all got a very distinctive aesthetic. It’s difficult to try and describe the Workshop sound under an umbrella term, with each release in itself not sitting comfortably under a traditional genre name.

You get, for example, Move D and DJ Late’s take on house music:  alongside Even Tuell’s rumbling techno influenced tracks:  There’s also beautifully slow numbers by Lowtec, with plenty of time given them to develop:  this track by Ron Deacon, which does a similar thing in taking the tempo right down:  Then you get Kassem Mosse’s wonderful melange of house and techno (just don’t call it tech-house!):  The two most recent releases come in the shape of Magic Mountain High’s hardware jams. The result of a collaboration between three top notch producers (Move D, Juju & Jordash) is every bit as interesting and entrancing as you’d expect: 

There’s something about Workshop that just makes me excited everytime they bring out a new release. The quality control, understated artwork and uniqueness of the material all combine to create a serious label which isn’t desperately trying to turn heads or entice fanboys, but  just put out real good music.

If you’re in London tomorrow night, you want to be heading down to Corsica Studios for a Workshop x The Trilogy Tapes party brought to you by Reel to Real. Looks incredible.


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