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Record Watch: Tames – Vivid Elements (Galdoors – GAL004)

This big release came out last week, read on to find out just why we like it so much.

Galdoors 004

Galdoors returns for its fourth release, this time from its co-boss, Tames. Its his first release but if he hasn’t much practice in putting together good releases, you really can’t tell. The A side holds the title track and it’s a real strong opener. It’s got that melancholic melody in those synths and those rattling snares which give it a bit of structure above and beyond that subby kick. Early set, peak set, warm up set…whenever you hear this tune it would work. Check out the Until My Heart Stops mix for RA from Leif and Joe Ellis for a longer snippet and also to hear how it sounds in a mix.

The B side opens up with the more restrained feeling Episodes. It’s lighter in every way from Vivid Elements: the beat is softer, the synths less sharp and the bass notes less prominent. The EP finishes off with Squeeze, a proper acid warbler. The acid sound is made to sound fresh by being combined with hi-hats and a high pitched note which emphasises the kick as well as generous layers of reverb. We’ve all heard those acid tracks that are just a bit boring, not adding anything new to the genre, just rinsing that 303 sound. Squeeze, fortunately, is not one of these, sounding like exactly what you’d expect, but also sounding fresh and memorable at the same time.

A strong debut release on a solid label. Expect to hear this one a lot, especially the A side.


Subsoil Mix 02: Drei Farben House

As spring comes in and it’s getting pretty toasty here in London, the Subsoil mix series comes back out of hibernation with a mix from our interviewee from January, Tenderpark’s Drei Farben House.

It’s an hour long vinyl mix from the man from Berlin and it’s what you’d expect from him: melodic grooves on top of a laid back vibe. We get the feeling that Drei Farben House -much like ourselves- isn’t a man in a rush, and this is evident in the tone and mood of the mix he’s made for us. It languishes at a leisurely pace – exactly the kind of vibe that’s working wonders for us at the start of this week following a heavy weekend.

Drei Farben House has been kind enough to provide us with a tracklist so you can scope out his track selection without getting your hands dirty. This mix includes a few cuts from the forthcoming Tenderpark release from Tilman, the label’s first of 2014.

Remind yourself of our interview with Drei Farben House.

Listen and download via our Soundcloud.

Moomin – Doobiest

Ivano Tetelepta & Roger Gerressen – Time

Simon Weiss – Yesterday Is Around

Cellule Eat – Panda (Drei Farben House Remix)

Borrowed Identity – Dans La Nuit

Tilman – Whip Me Up

Drei Farben House – Tapered Layers

Alex Agore – Memories

Tazma Funk – Bob’s Trumpet (Trumpa Dub)

Mood II Swing – Move Me

Tilman – Whip Me Up (CMAT Remix)

Record Watch: Jay Daniel – Scorpio Rising EP SS051

Detroit means different things to different people. For me it’s always been a soulfulness and a groove resting on crackly, dusty analogue percussion. Jay Daniel’s debut release on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label does exactly that.

From what we understand, Jay Daniel works closely with Kyle Hall and has a release due to come out by the end of the year on Wild Oats. This EP has that lo-fi sound that Kyle Hall has made his own all over it, particularly in the percussion. A2, Brainz, is a straight laced drum track that can hold its own alongside Theo Parrish’s Any Other Styles, also on Sound Signature. The influence of other Detroit artists is evident then over the course of the EP. But Jay Daniel is not just another Detroit DJ imitating those who came before him. His style is distinctive. A1, No Love Lost, matches up a melody alongside a beat which keeps your feet firmly rooted to the dancefloor. This melody makes the track: it would work just as well in a Deep House setting as it does in its Detroit placement. The tracks just so easy to get lost in.

On the B side there’s Bubble Cougar and I Have No Name. This side continues in a similar vein to the A side, machine made house which commands you to dance. Jay’s a pretty decent DJ as well as you can see from his Boiler Room from last year.

The future certainly looks bright for Jay Daniel. Pick up this record from pretty much anywhere if you know what’s good. I’m sure it’ll be doing the dancefloor rounds for the next few months. And keep an eye on Wild Oats for his next release.